Evergiving's Payroll

Add New Level

Create experience levels for your fundraisers and agents

Use labels such as beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert — or make up your own levels — and adjust the pay scale according to experience. You can also add non-fundraising hours for timesheets.

Assign each fundraiser or agent a level

They’ll pick up the hourly or daily rate you’ve assigned, as well as commissions from any payroll rules.

Assign Each Fundraiser A Level
Record Timesheet Hours

Record timesheet hours

For your non-fundraising hours

Create payroll rules

Payroll rules calculate a commission value based on an individual sign up.

Create Payroll Rules
Add Fundraiser Incentives

Add fundraiser or agent incentives

Add ad hoc incentives, expenses and bond balances.

Create payroll templates in the fundraiser exports

This is where it all comes together. Create your own fundraiser/agent exports with columns that draw from any of these sources. Have some crazy calculations for commissions? Each pledge counts double before 9am when there’s an ‘R’ in the month? Of course you do. Let us know and we can custom program your columns to output almost anything.

Create Payroll Templates
Export Your Payroll

Export your payroll at the click of a button

Choose your campaign and reporting timeframe and export your payroll data with ease.