Relate to your donors

Relate Donors

Begin the donor journey right away

Send an email to your donor straight away

With Evergiving you can completely tailor your first and all subsequent emails to your donor. Conditionally send beautiful and customisable email, SMS, MMS, and test retention strategies. Whether simple or sophisticated, our team of in house designers build beautiful, responsive and anti-spam filter emails for free - it's all part of the service. Change them as many times as you like.

Donor Journey Phone Email
Alphanumeric Sender ID

Send intelligent SMS messages based on donor attributes

  • Create unlimited SMS templates for any purpose and any length
  • Send SMS to any record at any time
  • Send messages intelligently based on donor attributes
  • Choose an SMS to send during or before a phone call
  • Send SMS from your charity’s name using Alphanumeric Sender IDs*

Learn more about how to send intelligent SMS messages based on donor attributes

Talk to your donors, retry payments

The Evergiving Call Center gives you a convenient way to talk to new donors and to record those calls, a secure and compliant method to capture new cards, and the ability to retry payments and save more donors than ever before.

With the Call center you can:

  • Manage your agents remotely
  • Assign call lists to teams and teams to campaigns
  • Create multiple call lists
  • Use your own verified outbound call numbers
  • Conveniently see call attempts and call outcomes
  • Call recordings — all calls are recorded, and you can listen to them in-app or export them like a signature
  • Capture credit cards securely over the phone
  • Get the metrics that matter - real time reporting
Learn more about Evergiving's powerful call center feature here
Click To Call
Connect Evergiving to your Facebook page and Messenger

Connect Evergiving to your Facebook page and Messenger

Connecting Evergiving to the Messenger platform is easy. You can deploy a fully functional Messenger experience within a few minutes. Your Agents will be able to chat with visitors to your Page in Evergiving; and easily turn them in to leads to speak to them on the phone - right there and then.

  1. Connect Evergiving to your Facebook page
  2. When a visitor responds to Messenger on your page
  3. An agent can reply and chat live
  4. Macros send prebuilt replies and ask for a phone number
  5. One click sends the phone number to Evergiving and one click creates a lead to call
  6. An agent takes their details over the phone. Card details are entered in a PCI Level 1 system on the telephone keypad.
  7. Payment is taken, welcome email and SMS is automatically sent, recording is securely stored.
  8. Agent calls the next record in their call list or chats to another visitor on facebook!

Sophisticated relationship management

Donor Jouney Details


Log your call attempts, log the outcomes and make notes. Set your validation outcomes and pledge statuses - you have multiple configurable options for the recording and management of any call or verification workflow. You can see your delivery rates and success stories, and retry communications at the click of a button. See your history with the donor as a timeline.

Plot Fundraiser Attrition

Clever retention and attrition tracking

Use the Evergiving Attrition and Retention feature to track metrics such as attrition. Breakdown attrition across any attribute, and make timely interventions, so you can build your donor retention strategies around the data.

Realtime reports tracking any donor related attribute

Easily set up a reporting system to keep any stakeholder fully informed on any metric relating to donor attrition, or any metric that your charity wants to track as part of the donor journey. Access vital donor information and include data a typical donor management system might never have, like welcome email open rates, or locations, or credit card types or levels.

Access Data