Evergiving Attrition and Retention Number

Get instant visibility of your attrition rate over the life of your donors

Breakdown attrition across any attribute

Objectively accurate

Make timely interventions

Clear attrition patterns

Clear attrition patterns

Plot fundraiser attrition side by side over any timeframe.

Detailed breakdowns

See what factors influence retention in detailed breakdowns, including volume to take in to consideration outliers and major cohorts.

Detailed breakdowns
Easy set-up

Easy set-up

Easily import payments made, by Excel or via API.


EARN measures retention on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0. A score of 1.0 on the scale means 100% of expected payments hit the bank account.

For the purposes of measurement and comparison EARN will always include a month number that represents the number of months from pledges’ start date that you you wish to aggregate on. You can think of this as, 'EARN 1 is first debit success, EARN 2 is second debit success, and so on'.

For example, EARN 6 is a measure of a single or group of pledges’ retention in terms of recurring payments at exactly 6 months since their respective start dates. If 70 payments were expected in the best case scenario and 30 in total were received after 6 months, then the EARN 6 for the selected pledges is 0.429. You might call that '43% sixth debit success'.

The calculation takes into consideration the pledges’ payment frequency and provides you with a powerful yet simple mechanism to compare your retention data.

When you filter by an EARN number, your charts will only include results from recurring donors, whose start date was more than the number of filtered months ago.