Manage your Fundraising Teams

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Manage Teams

Set up your teams, allocate shifts

Create daily fundraising teams, and then assign shifts in advance. Create a team leader, and the team, and set that team to reactivate according to your calendar. Set up new teams every morning, or just roll over teams you've already set up.

Manage your locations

Manage your locations and door to door territories, and import data to intelligently knock on doors.

Track interactions

Track your fundraiser interactions

Track the interactions your fundraisers have all day every day. See where they are and where they've been and what happened when they were there. Gather time and space data to ask questions you'd never have thought it was possible to answer.

It's not just for residential teams either - track footfall at private and street sites and finely tune coaching to specific behaviours.

Call lists

Set customised filter sets that allow you to create sophisticated call lists. Add a Call list to a Team and records will be served to the Agents on that Team. You can see the performance of your Call Lists on the Dashboard. Learn more about the Evergiving Call Center.

Call queues

Reward performance and quality

Achievements in Evergiving are a way to reward performance and quality. It's a fun, gamified and competitive way to reward behaviours you want to encourage. It's just like goal setting, with leaderboards, and it's really easy to use. Trigger badges and rewards based on quality as well as quantitiy. Create custom triggers to align your fundraising behavious with your goals. Learn more about achievements here

Points and recognition

Make learning competitive, with points awarded for each achievement badge earned, or training program completed, with a leaderboard to show who's top. Make learning fun and rewarding, and develop your most precious assets.


Train your fundraising teams

Deliver online training modules to your fundraisers, wherever they are. Create your own training modules for your key recurring training needs. Upload content and configure multiple choice quizzes, and deliver these modules to your fundraisers at key strategic moments, such as onboarding, getting to know a charity, or managing a change in message mid-field in response to a crisis. More about training here.

When you link training modules to achievements, you can set triggers to deliver training to your fundraisers. Automatically deliver all of your induction training to every new fundraiser. Or, if a fundraiser falls below performance or quality thresholds, you can create sophisticated conditions that will deliver targeted materials and quizzes to set them on the right path.

Manage payroll

Manage team's and fundraiser's hours neatly and easily. Results automatically aggregate from the fundraiser to the team leader, their manager and to the whole campaign. Just give your payroll manager / accountant a log on to view hours worked and numbers of approved pledges. Learn more about payroll here