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Upload content and configure multiple choice quizzes, and delivery these modules to your fundraisers at key strategic moments, such as onboarding, getting to know a charity, or managing a change in message mid-field in response to a crisis.

Configure multiple choice quizzes Training compliance Set triggers

Set a timer Competition is good Choose from pre-made training modules

Crisis Communications

Sometimes things come up. An environmental or humanitarian disaster, or a major news event that members of the public will ask your face to face fundraisers about tomorrow.

Training modules are an effective way to distribute immediate messaging to fundraisers working on your campaign. Modules can be set to prevent fundraisers working on your campaign until they've read and demonstrated that they understood the content.

Like this case study from Amnesty International who had been working on the issue of indigenous youth incarceration; and needed a way to communicate to their fundraisers as the mainstream news story broke.


Choose from a variety of free and paid modules, already built by leading face to face fundraising experts in a variety of disciplines

Author Photo - Grant Richards

Grant Richards

Grant has been involved in the fundraising industry for over 12 years, and has overseen and developed all levels and operations in both agencies and in-house. He has worked, led and started operations in four countries around the world – South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. He has worked for multiple charities including Greenpeace Africa, Amnesty International, Australian Conservation Foundation, WWF, Medicins Sans Frontières Australia, Red Cross and Save The Children among others. In addition to this he is a qualified Psychologist which lends to his exceptional leadership, solutions focused and organisational abilities. It also allows him to create programs that incorporate psychological structures to get the best out of his staff.

Notable achievements:

  • Recruited, trained and developed 80 fundraisers across 6 states in Australia
  • He has 4 Published academic journals/articles
  • Has raised over $5,000,000 for charities personally through his time in the field
  • Has helped agencies and in-house operations alike achieve their fundraising goals
  • Has developed a sound understanding and training platform to tackle and manage quality over time to maximise charity ROI

Understanding and Improving Attrition NEW Free

This module is intended to increase fundraisers' awareness around Attrition, Retention and the general quality of donors signed up for any given charity.

In this day and age it is incredibly important to make sure that fundraisers understand the impact that they make in the field. It starts with showing them the statistics associated with attrition and retention to show them the impact of what they are saying from donor to donor and how it can affect their probability of giving long term. This module takes fundraisers through the statistics on age, donation and longevity of giving along with the protective factors to decrease attrition and improve retention.

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Demographic Training Visualisation - Talking to the right people NEW $50 - HALF PRICE for first first month of launch

A look into understanding demographics, and training fundraisers how to engage with a variety of people. Once one has gained an understanding of these demographics they then need to begin to visualise stopping, engaging and signing these people up. This helps lead to a fluid and organic dialogue between people and increases your donor diversity.


We tend to gravitate towards the people that we identify with (people you are similar to). This means that if you are 23 years old you will generally be drawn to and speak to people that are 23. Have a look at your percentage of age ratios (not average age as this can be distorted through a few older people) across time and this will become clear. This will lead to you having a low average age and a high attrition rate as young people are generally not able to keep donations going for long term. This module opens us up to seeing the demographics that will allow us to balance the above out and obtain better long-term results for the charity.

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New Starter Training (1) - Attitude, Body Language and Communication NEW Free

Day 1 training for all new starters.


Attitude, body language and communication are everything in fundraising. If you can master these aspects you can then begin to learn the technicalities.

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New Starter Training (2) - Stopping People NEW $75 per year

Day 2 training for all new starters.


A guide to stopping the right people in the right way

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New Starter Training (3) - The Dialogue and Structure NEW $75 per year

Day 3 training for all new starters.


In this module, the steps to design your own dialogue are outlined and explained, along with a platform to create a dialogue as fundraisers move along from point to point.

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New Starter Training (4) - Objection Handling NEW $75 per year

Day 4 training for all new starters.


You will normally be faced with objections after asking for money. They are always very easy to handle and shouldn’t impede you getting that sign up. It is essentially just a question that you need to deal with. You must continue to objection handle as long as questions or concerns arise. Find out how you can handle objections in this module.

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New Starter Training (5) - Aftercare NEW $75 per year

Day 5 training for all new starters.


Aftercare is arguably the most important step of acquiring a new regular giver. This is where you consolidate the sign up and make sure that the donor understands everything that is expected of them and that you are doing you job to the best of your ability. learn more about aftercare in this module.

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A Self-Diagnosis: Improving Sign-up Rates and Fine Tuning your Dialogue NEW $75 per year

A checklist to use on the go when signup rate is down. Very effective.


This module will give you the tools to diagnose what is wrong so you can fix it and reach your goals. Remember, you have the power to become anything you want to be. It is really important to work on these things one at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed, but once you are answering yes to each one, you will be nailing the sign ups

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A manager's guide to performance management NEW $300 per year

This model highlights the specific criteria as well as methods to be able to effectively manage your staff.


Performance Management is never about firing staff. To the contrary, a structured and process driven PM leaves fundraisers feeling contained and safe. They otherwise feel free floating and chaotic, not knowing if their jobs are on the line if the PM is subjective and arbitrary. This guide will allow you to manage your teams more effectively, especially when they grow in size. It will also help with outlining those that need more support and help.

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A Team Leaders Guide to Performance Management NEW $150 per year

Having a weekly check in with ALL your people is absolutely essential to make sure they feel heard and supported on a constant basis. Team Leaders should be conducting these and reporting to their managers


This guide allows you to stay on top of fundraisers' needs and support them in ways that you may not have thought of. It will allow you to become aware of strengths that you can utilise and weaknesses that you can foster. It will provide the basis for the subsequent module on developing roles that are specific, and catered towards your needs and fundraisers.

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Roles and Accountability (Very Effective) NEW $300 per year

Creating roles in your teams is essential. It allows fundraisers to feel utilised as well as having the benefit in your organisation of having those strengths available.


Too often we promote people into becoming obsolete, or incompetent. This is because there is usually a single stream through with to be promoted - People management. Not everyone is suited to this and so they go from being effective to being incompetent. This module shows you how to change this around and start parallel streams of promotion, keeping your fundraisers engaged and ustilising their strengths whilst moving through ranks in their appropriate stream.

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Daily and Weekly Organisation and Training Structure NEW $75 per year

In general fundraisers are not organised or structured. It becomes very important to make sure that you are structuring their days for them so they are at their most effective. This guide shows you how to structure your day, your week and your training sessions.


Daily structure - how to start your day, how to manage the mid part of the day and how to end the day. Weekly - reporting, culture and resetting. Training - how and when to train people to get the most out of them as well as your time.

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Bonus Structures NEW $100 per year

Giving fundraisers a bonus is absolutely essential. Making sure these bonus structures are in line with what your agency/charity needs is where the intersection needs to be.


How people qualify for a bonus, and what to pay a bonus on.

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Author Photo

Rich Mullens

With over 20 years' experience in Direct Sales and Marketing, Rich has spent the past 14 years working with some of the largest charities and agencies across the globe on Face-to-Face programs that have raised over $1 Billion in regular donations. He has launched start-up F2F agencies in the UK and Australia, developed training and communications platforms, built award-winning F2F campaigns, and pioneered instant payments, Premium SMS regular giving and tablet based fundraising. Now, as a World Class Fundraising Coach, Rich is helping fundraisers and leaders bring their BEST to create remarkable supporter experiences that inspire loyalty and increase life time value.

Achieve your Goals NEW Free

Through the tough times, staying focused on what you want in life will keep your spirits high and bring you joy.

This lesson gives you five strategies that you can always use to keep obstacles from stopping you.

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Handling Setbacks NEW $50 per year

One of the biggest differences between those that fail and those that succeed is the ability to handle setbacks constructively.

This module gives you enough obstacle-fighting tools to overcome setbacks with overwhelming force. Whatever your challenge, you’ll learn a strategy that can get you through it with flying colours.

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Mental Motivation NEW $50 per year

Motivation is the force that powers your success. Without it, the slightest setback will cause you to call it quits.

Motivating yourself is a skill that can be learned. Master this skill, and any goal becomes easier to accomplish. This module gives you the tools to master motivation.

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Learning to Persevere NEW $50 per year

What’s more important – grit or talent? Find out how they compare and what it has to do with achieving your goals.

Learn strategies to finish what you start and discover what to do when you feel like quitting.

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The Art of Resilience NEW $200 per year

How to Conquer Challenges and Achieve your Goals

This course equips you with the tools to use overwhelming force against your challenges, so you can conquer them and reach your goals.

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Author Photo - Tom Lancaster

Tom Lancaster

With over 10 years in the Fundraising industry, Tom has mastered every face to face fundraising role from Fundraiser to national management and is now a DISC accredited trainer, Success Coach, and NLP Practioner.

Amongst Tom's notable fundraising achievements;

  • Personally, signed up over 1000 people in his first year as a fundraiser
  • Signed up 70 new donors in a week at a $35 average gift, 18 of which in a single day
  • Lead a 3-man shopping centre team to achieve 102, 121 and 130 new donors in a week
  • Helped train and coach 6 team leaders to also achieve 100+ from a 3-man shopping centre team
  • Decreased an agencies Alien, invalid and Cancelled rate by 35% and helped to maintain these outcomes
  • Dramatically improved volume and first debits of an in-house call centre

Tom is now on a mission to help improve fundraiser performance globally by delivering cutting edge coaching and training programs to both in-house and agency fundraising teams whilst improving the quality of donors they recruit. If you would like specialized modules made please contact Tom at

F2F Mastery Logo of Tom Lancaster

Welcome to Face to Face Mastery!

How to be a F2F Master (3 circles) NEW Free

There are some things in fundraising that are out of our control, this module will outline the 3 main areas that are within the control of the fundraiser that will help them on the path to mastery.


There are some things in fundraising that are out of our control, this module will outline the 3 main areas that are within the control of the fundraiser that will help them on the path to mastery. This module will help fundraisers gain clarity on the areas that need the most focus and how to take their fundraising to the next level.

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Benefits of Regular Giving Coming soon Free

Learn the WIN, WIN, WIN of regular giving. Understanding regular giving and why it benefits all parties is crucial to having fundraisers that can close & objection handle without sacrificing the quality of donation.

Learn the WIN, WIN, WIN of regular giving. Understanding regular giving and why it benefits all parties is crucial to having fundraisers that can close & objection handle without sacrificing the quality of donation. This module will cover why regular giving benefits the organization, the donor and the recipients of the organization. This will help create belief in fundraisers that this method of fundraising is superior to all others. Imagine what is possible when each of your fundraisers can not only pitch their charity but become an advocate of regular giving as a medium.

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What is Quality High Performance? Coming soon Free

This module will give a clear definition of Quality High Performance (QHP) and what it means to live a QHP lifestyle.


To Build an extremely successful fundraising sector, we must highlight performance over the long term with fundraisers. As the F2F fundraising industry evolves its important to get clear on what we mean by Quality High Performance (QHP). This module will give a clear definition of QHP and what it means to live a QHP lifestyle.

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6 Barriers to Quality High Performance Coming soon $99 per year

This module will focus on the 6 Mind Barriers fundraisers come up against, that get them stuck in their head.


Being in the moment, taking consistent action can take a lot of focus. Once this focus has been developed you can achieve record breaking results. This module will focus on the 6 Mind Barriers fundraisers come up against, that get them stuck in their head. This terminology used in this video can result in fundraisers being able to self-diagnose and coaches can call out fundraisers blind spots.

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Breaking down F2F Master (3 circles) Coming soon $399 per year

This module follows on from “How to be a F2F Master” breaking down the 3 Circles into actionable points.


This module follows on from “How to be a F2F Master” breaking down the 3 Circles into actionable points. Charity knowledge, Skills and work ethic will have a separate training video with 5 points to apply that will improve that area of fundraising. Fundraisers interacting with this video should have a few “light bulb” moments resulting in clarity in what actions to take to improve.

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The Tipping Scale – Empowerment Coming soon $99 per year

The tipping scale is a system you can use to help write out content for your charity that will give people goosebumps...


Empowerment is one of the key skills necessary to mange your quality. The tipping scale is a system you can use to help write out content for your charity that will give people goosebumps. The tipping scale gives examples of why people give and what the rewards are. Whether it be boosting up your close or filling out your objection handles, you need to connect people to the reasons why they want to give to ensure long term support.

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Objection Handling Coming soon $399 per year

In this module you will learn a tried and tested system and methodology that focuses on changing somebodies mind by connecting them to the reasons why they want to give...


A lot of Objection handling systems fall short of really changing somebodies mind. This can very quickly lead to the use of “negative phrases” which do not emphasize long term support i.e. “starts next month, not a lock in contract”. In this module you will learn a tried and tested system and methodology that focuses on changing somebodies mind by connecting them to the reasons why they want to give without sacrificing the quality of the donation. Includes PDF training document with work book.

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Are you a superhero face to face fundraising trainer? Would you like to develop training modules for Evergiving users? We have hundreds of customers in 32 countries around the world who might be interested in your expertise, particularly in non-english languages. Drop us a line at if you'd like to get involved!