Deliver automatic training

We know that when training is an integrated part of your operation, you succeed. Develop your field to peak performance, with engaging and easy to use features your fundraisers will love to use.

Automate delivery

Report on compliance

Gamify training

Create your own training modules for your key recurring training needs

Upload content and configure multiple choice quizzes, and delivery these modules to your fundraisers at key strategic moments, such as onboarding, getting to know a charity, or managing a change in message mid-field in response to a crisis.

Deliver training material

Upload content and configure multiple choice quizzes. Do the training in a classroom or in field.

Configure multiple choice quizzes
Keep stakeholders in the loop

Training compliance

See who has completed what training modules successfully, and share that super easily with stakeholders, regulators, customers, and internally.

Set triggers to deliver training to your fundraisers

Automatically deliver all of your induction training, to every new fundraiser. And, if a fundraiser moves on to a new campaign, deliver that charity's training material to the fundraiser. Or, if a fundraiser falls below performance or quality thresholds, you can create sophisticated conditions that will deliver targeted materials and quizzes to set them on the right path.

Set triggers
Set a timer

Set a timer

Set a time limit to complete a training module, and each fundraiser will see a countdown clock. After which they'll be locked out of their form until they complete the module.

Points and recognition

Make learning competitive, with points awarded for each training program, and a leaderboard to show who's top. Make learning fun and rewarding, and develop your most precious assets.

Competition is good
Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Sometimes things come up. An environmental or humanitarian disaster, or a major news event that members of the public will ask your face to face fundraisers about tomorrow.

Training modules are an effective way to distribute immediate messaging to fundraisers working on your campaign. Modules can be set to prevent fundraisers working on your campaign until they've read and demonstrated that they understood the content.

Like this case study from Amnesty International who had been working on the issue of indigenous youth incarceration; and needed a way to communicate to their fundraisers as the mainstream news story broke.