Reports and business metrics


Evergiving comes packed with different ways of seeing your data. See real-time stats at glance with your own configurable dashboards, or use dedicated features, such as EARN, to measure vital metrics such as your retention and attrition rates over any timeframe. With Evergiving's Business Intelligence Connector, you can create real-time reports across multiple accounts, and share those reports with key stakeholders. You can set up scheduled data exports to connect to your CRM, and then leverage powerful platforms to amplify your campaigns, such as Google, Tableau or Salesforce. Evergiving puts really powerful features at your fingertips.

Configurable dashboards

Evergiving has built-in dashboards so you can see any sort of metric, over standard time ranges, or by configurable time ranges. Create new dashboards so you can see the metrics that matter to you at a glance. Move those dashboards around and add new ones at any time.

Real time reporting across accounts
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Measure attrition accurately

Get instant visibility of your attrition rate over the life of your donors with EARN, the Evergiving Attrition and Retention Number. Breakdown attrition across any attribute. See clear attrition patterns. Plot fundraiser attrition side by side over any timeframe. Earn gives you detailed breakdowns, so that you can make comparisons across all sorts of data vectors. Learn more about how powerful EARN is here


Real time reports on any data vector with EBIC

EBIC connects Evergiving’s famously clean data with your favourite reporting tool to output dashboards containing any chart or graph and answer any question you can think of. EBIC does the heavy lifting and underlying technical work so you don’t need IT, servers and associated cost and complexity. Create as many reporting databases (RDBMS) as you like with mouse clicks, in Evergiving’s world class, PCI Level 1 secure infrastructure. Create any sort of report you want with EBIC

Stakeholder Many Accounts


Real-time reporting across accounts globally

As a stakeholder of many accounts globally you can set up an identical EBIC in each country’s account and blend them using platforms such as Salesforce, Tableau or Google Data Studio to have consistent, unified, real-time reporting across the globe.

Manage your ROI


Real-time ROI for agencies

As an Agency, you can blend Evergiving data with simple cost tables and manage your ROI in real-time.

Real-time reporting on multiple suppliers


Real-time reporting on multiple suppliers

As a Charity with multiple suppliers you can set up an identical EBIC in each supplier’s account and blend them using your favourite reporting tool. This means you can expect real-time reporting across all your face to face fundraising.


Fundraiser performance metrics

Evergiving's built in leaderboards make performance metrics visible. See how your entire field is performing at a glance - are your fundraisers hitting their targets? If a fundraiser falls below performance or quality thresholds, you can create sophisticated conditions that will deliver targeted training materials and quizzes to set them on the right path. Check your training compliance leaderboards to see who has completed which training modules successfully, and share that super easily with stakeholders, regulators, customers, and internally. Keep your team motivated - create Achievement badges for fundraisers to reward performance and quality, and see on a leaderboard who has earned the most badges this week. Learn more about training, and achievements.

Use the Evergiving Export Builders

Create as many EBIC data sources as you like, using the Evergiving Export Builders. These can be configured to automatically send pledge record data to your CRM and they are clever enough to only send data based on certain conditions; and either immediately or by a shedule you determine. Export Builders have almost unlimited capability to draw from anywhere within an account and output perfectly clean data in a simple flat table structure. Learn more about exporting your data and using the powerful export schemas here.

Evergiving Export Builders