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Use the Evergiving Export Builders

Set up exports using the Evergiving Export Builders. These can be configured to automatically send pledge record data to your CRM and they are clever enough to only send data based on certain conditions; and either immediately or by a shedule you determine. Export Builders have almost unlimited capability to draw from anywhere within an account and output perfectly clean data in a simple flat table structure.

Because the Evergiving Export Builders do the heavy lifting and underlying technical work, you don’t need IT, servers and associated cost and complexity.

Built on top of Evergiving’s world class, PCI Level 1 secure infrastructure.

Evergiving Export Builders
Access Data

Powerful data transformation to format your data

Get the data the way that you want it with built-in data transformations. Almost anything can be created using these transformations - including regular expressions, and even a code editor for the most complex calculations.

Schedule exports, notify stakeholders

Schedule your exports, and let key people know when they've been completed with a notification email. You can set up date based exports, or setup a CRON based export schedule. A CRON job is a task scheduled by script or command to run automatically at certain intervals.

Export Schedule


Leverage powerful platforms to amplify your campaigns

You can export your data and import it into a variety of different types of platforms. Get real time reports on any data vector with EBIC



Integrate with Saleforce in three easy steps

Start the donor journey straight away, by integrating Evergiving with Salesforce. Salesforce helps organisations raise more resources, streamline their fundraising programs and engage their constituents like never before. Quick and easy integration - 'clicks, not code'. Take the 5 minute integration challenge

Google Data Studio


Real-time reporting with Google Data Studio

Data Studio is Google’s reporting solution for power users who want to go beyond the data and dashboards of Google Analytics. The data widgets in Data Studio are notable for their variety, customization options, live data and interactive controls. Integrate Evergiving and Google Data Studio

Tableau Software


Connect to the world's best business reporting tools

Evergiving does all the heavy lifting, mapping and transforming your data beforehand, in the Export Schema. All you need to do is let us know which fields in your account you want populated in what exact format and it can be configured with a few mouse clicks. See how the PCA Group exports their data to Tableau



Business analytics with Autop

Autop provides real-time business analytics to marketing companies to automate and optimise efficiency. Stay up to date with what is happening in the field day to day. Learn more about Autop

Connect Evergiving to your Facebook page and Messenger


Integrate Evergiving and Messenger

Connecting Evergiving to the Messenger platform is easy. You can deploy a fully functional Messenger experience within a few minutes. Your Call Center Agents will be able to chat with visitors to your Page in Evergiving; and easily turn them in to leads to speak to them on the phone - right there and then.

CRM integrations

Evergiving integrates with the world's most trusted Customer Relationship Management software platforms (CRMs). Just point and click, then add credentials.




Connect to leading CRMs like Blackbaud

Thank Q


Integrate with the software solutions used by the world's biggest charities.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Harness the power of your own data