Powerful reporting with
Evergiving's Business Intelligence Connector

A video introducing Evergivings Business Intelligence Connector (EBIC)

Connect Evergiving's famously clean data with your favourite reporting tool.

Real time dashboards

Consolidate dashboards from Suppliers or Countries

Share data with customers

These are some of the things you’ll be able to do with EBIC

Real time reporting across accounts Real-time reporting on multiple suppliers manage your ROI

Evergiving Export Builders Access vital donor information Selective share data

Ask any question. Get a world of answers!

Replace even the most complex Excel spreadsheet...

Evergiving’s Business Intelligence Connector (EBIC) is a simple to use and yet extremely powerful reporting solution.

  • EBIC connects Evergiving’s famously clean data with your favourite reporting tool to output dashboards containing any chart or graph and answer any question you can think of.
  • EBIC does the heavy lifting and underlying technical work so you don’t need IT, servers and associated cost and complexity.
  • Create as many reporting databases (RDBMS) as you like with mouse clicks, in Evergiving’s world class, PCI Level 1 secure infrastructure.
  • Each EBIC RDBMS is managed by us and comes with its own set of credentials ready to plug in to your favourite reporting tool.

Where EBIC is unique is that the data contained in the database is configured using our Export Builders.

  • Export Builders have almost unlimited capability to draw from anywhere within an account and output perfectly clean data in a simple flat table structure.
  • The first time you run the EBIC schema it will ‘fill’ your database. This might take a few minutes or even hours depending on the complexity and amount of data you’ve selected.
  • Once filled, you’ll get an email and the database will subsequently be updated in real-time with data according to Conditions you select.
  • Conditions are flexible filters that support multiples of And/Or arguments, so you can segment or exclude data sent to any given EBIC’s database.

How the PCA Group uses EBIC and Tableau for dynamic business analytics

The PCA Group is an Australian fundraising agency, with over 12 years experience in managing face to face fundraising programs. They use the Evergiving Business Intelltigence Connector together with Tableau to achieve up to minute analytics and reports.

See how they use EBIC in the video below:

Connect EBIC to Google Data Studio

Your Evergiving Business Intelligence Center (EBIC) export can be connected to your favorite data visualisation tool, such as PowerBI or Tableau. There is also a free alternative: Google Data Studio.

Connect Google Data Studio to EBIC

First, sign in Google Data Studio (GDS). A Gmail address is required. If you don't have a Gmail address already, you can create one for free here.

Go to Data Sources, and click on the "+" button to add a new source.

Add data source

EBIC is using PostgreSQL. Select PostgreSQL as source.

Select PostgreSQL

To connect Data Studio to your EBIC export schema, you will need to provide the host name, port, database name, username and password. All of this information is available in your EBIC schema in Evergiving, under "EBIC connection details".

EBIC connection details

Copy/paste the information in Google Data Studio

Copy/paste the information in Google Data Studio

Check the option "Enable SSL". Upload three files, available by emailing support@evergiving.com

Click on Authenticate. Select the table "data", and click on "Connect"

Copy/paste the information in Google Data Studio

All the columns correctly imported will be displayed. Modify the field type (number, boolean, text, etc,) if needed.

All the columns correctly imported will be displayed

In Reports, select a pre-existing template or click on "+".

Click plus

Select your data source on the right.

Select your data source

Click on "Add to report".

Select your data source

Rename your report on the top, and start creating your report by clicking on "Add a chart"!

Add a chart