Set up any type of campaign on Evergiving


Flexible campaign options

Evergiving supports every type of face to face fundraising you do, with bespoke and innovative solutions for different types of campaigns.

Evergiving can be configured to work with regular giving campaigns, lotteries, sponsorships, petitions, gifts, and memberships.

If you can think of it, Evergiving can be configured to make your fundraising idea work. Capture any type of data you want.

Capture anything

With forms designed by thousands of face to face fundraising campaigns worldwide in 20 different languages we've got you covered.

Branding Layout

Design for your brand

Our creative team work with you to deliver graphic designs that engage donors in your cause.

Branding Layout
Work Offline


Work offline

Capture data (especially credit cards) safely and securely, on or offline, in the busiest or remotest locations with complete confidence.

Verify 1st Payment


Instant payments

Take payments at the moment of signup with the most advanced card payment system and maximise first payment success. Set up effortlessly with gateways supported all over the world.

Inbuilt real time validations

Eliminate loss through error during data capture in face to face fundraising.

Verify Credit Card


Credit card

Every smart you can think of and more. Know if it's a debit card or credit card, or if the card type is for high net worth individuals. Invalidate prepaid and gift cards for regular giving. Know the issuing bank to build beta on decline codes. And of course, trust it's accurate.

Product screenshot


Debit card

Fully offline capable, Evergiving uses proprietary modulus checking with the best available data to validate bank accounts. Evergiving even counts the number of failed attempts to enter a valid combination as an anti-fraud mechanism. Get extended bank account attributes and the best possible national data guaranteed

Verify Address


Verify addresses

Fully offline capable, Evergiving verifies the address against live PAF data to ensure every address is in the PAF validated format.

Verify Email


Verify Email

Engineering on engineering means deliverability of over 95% on more than 100,000 emails sent to newly captured email addresses every month.

Verify Phone


Accurate phone numbers

One of the most important pieces of data you'll need to communicate with your regular donors. Achieve 100% accurate mobile number capture with Evergiving.

Ipad Languages


Campaign forms in your language

Now available in 17 different languages.