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Pricing Page


Evergiving is a powerful platform with a simple pricing structure; you can pay as you go monthly at an affordable rate, or pre-purchase credits for discounts. Pay only for what you use.

Face to face fundraising pricing is based on credits with discounts for prepaid (credits never expire)


Pay as you go

$2 per credit, invoiced monthly


15,000 Credit Pack

$1.50 per credit


25,000 Credit Pack

$1.25 per credit


50,000 Credit pack

$1.00 per credit


100,000+ Credit pack

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Call Center pricing is based on Agent Hour, Calls and Line Rental, with discounts for prepaid (Agent Hours never expire)

Agent Per Hour

Call center

$1 per agent hour


15,000 Agent Hours

$0.95 per hour


25,000 Agent Hours

$0.90 per hour


50,000 Agent Hours

$0.85 per hour


100,000+ Agent Hours

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Calls are charged at the rates below. Call recording and storage is charged at USD 0.0199 per minute. There is no Line Rental if you use your own numbers. If you would like to rent phone numbers from us to use as outbound caller IDs they are typically a few dollars per month, depending on country, type and availability. Contact us at to enquire.

Country Type Cost per minute
Argentina Fixed 0.03276
Argentina Mobile 0.32
Australia Fixed 0.024
Australia Mobile 0.075
Austria Fixed 0.016
Austria Mobile 0.045
Bangladesh Fixed 0.06
Bangladesh Mobile 0.06
Belarus Fixed 0.51
Belarus Mobile 0.54
Belgium Fixed 0.06
Belgium Mobile 0.03
Bolivia Fixed 0.275
Bolivia Mobile 0.28
Bosnia And Herzegovina Fixed 0.232
Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile 0.48
Brazil Fixed 0.04
Brazil Mobile 0.175
Bulgaria Fixed 0.03
Bulgaria Mobile 0.04
Canada Fixed 0.013
Canada Mobile 0.013
Chile Fixed 0.075
Chile Mobile 0.067
Colombia Fixed 0.07
Colombia Mobile 0.03822
Costa Rica Fixed 0.05922
Costa Rica Mobile 0.115
Croatia Fixed 0.03
Croatia Mobile 0.095
Cyprus Fixed 0.16
Cyprus Mobile 0.115
Denmark Fixed 0.019
Denmark Mobile 0.0508
Dominican Republic Fixed 0.11
Dominican Republic Mobile 0.12
Ecuador Fixed 0.165
Ecuador Mobile 0.33
El Salvador Fixed 0.275
El Salvador Mobile 0.29
Estonia Fixed 0.033
Estonia Mobile 0.0575
Finland Fixed 0.04
Finland Mobile 0.04
France Fixed 0.016
France Mobile 0.05
Germany Fixed 0.015
Germany Mobile 0.08
Guatemala Fixed 0.225
Guatemala Mobile 0.19
Honduras Fixed 0.18
Honduras Mobile 0.225
Hong Kong Fixed 0.03
Hong Kong Mobile 0.046
Hungary Fixed 0.015
Hungary Mobile 0.063
India Fixed 0.045
India Mobile 0.035
Indonesia Fixed 0.085
Indonesia Mobile 0.085
Ireland Fixed 0.016
Ireland Mobile 0.09
Israel Fixed 0.02
Israel Mobile 0.045
Italy Fixed 0.016
Italy Mobile 0.04
Japan Fixed 0.065
Japan Mobile 0.185
Latvia Fixed 0.016
Latvia Mobile 0.0455
Lithuania Fixed 0.026
Lithuania Mobile 0.035
Malaysia Fixed 0.041
Malaysia Mobile 0.0656
Mexico Fixed 0.013
Mexico Mobile 0.045
Netherlands Fixed 0.015
Netherlands Mobile 0.02
Netherlands Antilles Fixed 0.215
Netherlands Antilles Mobile 0.175
New Zealand Fixed 0.0265
New Zealand Mobile 0.08
Nicaragua Fixed 0.175
Nicaragua Mobile 0.4
Norway Fixed 0.02
Norway Mobile 0.07
Panama Fixed 0.045
Panama Mobile 0.325
Paraguay Fixed 0.055
Paraguay Mobile 0.145
Peru Fixed 0.016
Peru Mobile 0.074
Philippines Fixed 0.1445
Philippines Mobile 0.184
Poland Fixed 0.03
Poland Mobile 0.065
Portugal Fixed 0.013
Portugal Mobile 0.045
Romania Fixed 0.011
Romania Mobile 0.032
Russian Federation Fixed 0.029
Russian Federation Mobile 0.23
Serbia And Montenegro Fixed 0.249
Serbia And Montenegro Mobile 0.61
Singapore Fixed 0.035
Singapore Mobile 0.055
South Africa Fixed 0.45
South Africa Mobile 0.34
South Korea Fixed 0.031
South Korea Mobile 0.035
Spain Fixed 0.0165
Spain Mobile 0.035
Sri Lanka Fixed 0.236
Sri Lanka Mobile 0.219
Sweden Fixed 0.016
Sweden Mobile 0.035
Taiwan Fixed 0.099
Taiwan Mobile 0.18
Thailand Fixed 0.082
Thailand Mobile 0.082
Turkey Fixed 0.06
Turkey Mobile 0.2
Ukraine Fixed 0.24
Ukraine Mobile 0.41
United Kingdom Fixed 0.015
United Kingdom Mobile 0.029
United States Fixed 0.013
United States Mobile 0.013
Uruguay Fixed 0.08
Uruguay Mobile 0.31
Vietnam Fixed 0.12
Vietnam Mobile 0.12

The fine print...

  • A credit includes unlimited support from the world’s best account management and customer success team, a credit includes unlimited training, unlimited users, unlimited... well unlimited everything that we do that you need..
  • A credit is a single regular donor signed up using Evergiving’s platform. You can also sign up two one-off donations, five petition, ‘two-step’ or other leads for one credit; and we don’t charge for partially completed donor records, or ‘call backs’.
  • Currency is the United States Dollar (USD), invoiced in your currency

Extra charges

Evergiving doesn't charge extra for new features; everything is included so there's no hidden costs... ever.

Want to set up custom payroll reports? We'll help you configure them for free.

Want to use Evergiving for all your new starter training? You can create unlimited Training modules.

Need support bringing on a new charity? Our team probably already works with them and if not, it's all part of the service.