API + CRM + Payment Gateways. We play nice with others.

In Evergiving's development team we are passionate about technology that is secure, reliable and simple to use. We believe that when Evergiving easily connects to other applications and services, whether your CRM, payment gateway, telemarketing or donor retention agency, it opens a world of opportunities.

Globally scalable with 100% performance, uptime and reliability. Certified Level 1 PCI DSS.

Enterprise grade full stack application, Ruby on rails, Unix, React.js, Node.js, and REST APIs.

Responsive, simple and intuitive design. Pioneers in HTML5 offline web applications.

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The Evergiving API

Evergiving’s API is both simple to understand and to use. Evergiving has a sophisticated set of features that give you control over exactly what pledges, and exactly what data in those pledges, the API User can retrieve. Learn more about our API here