Software for the recruitment
and management of regular donors.

Evergiving has replaced the paper based workflow of thousands of face to
face fundraising campaigns worldwide with digital data capture.

From the Australian bush to the buzzing streets of Manhattan our customers capture thousands of pledges every day through our mobile apps

Flexible campaign options

Evergiving supports every type of face to face fundraising you do, with bespoke and innovative solutions for different types of campaigns.

iPad screenshot iPad screenshot Capture donor details and use them in campaign petitions Gifts like goats make a huge difference Gifts like goats make a huge difference RGPSMS builds a great relationship with donors


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Eliminate loss through error during data capture in face to face fundraising.

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We speak your language

Evergiving is translated in to more than 17 languages

  • ¡Hola!
  • Helo
  • Guten Tag!
  • Γειά σου!
  • Bonjour
  • Hei!
  • Apa kabar?
  • नमस्कार!
  • Salve!
  • 안녕하세요!
  • Assalamualaikum
  • Hallo
  • Dag!
  • Oi!
  • Hej!
  • สวัสดี
  • Merhaba
  • 你好!
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Powerful pledge management

Pledge Management

Pledge Management
The administration of your pledges couldn't be easier. Refine searches using a wide array of filters and presets to action tasks. Statistics automatically calculate based on whatever is returned in the view.

Call Center Enabled

PCI Compliant Phone
Make verification calls in app, manage call recordings, capture cards via donor’s phone keypad, retry payments, wholesale call rates, be up and running today!

Import and Export Complex Data

Import and Export Complex Data
Create exports in seconds, just drop your columns in and configure formats. If you can dream the complexity, chances are the solution is a mouse click away.

Integrate with your Database

Integrate with your Database
When a new donor calls your inbound call centre, know everything about her - the name of the fundraiser she spoke to just moments ago, which street she was on, what motivated her to support - even what she looks like.

If she cancels or if she goes on to donate every month, automatically feed this back to the fundraising operation and update stats application wide and in real-time.

All this via simple, modern, secure, RESTful APIs with powerful features that let you create your own schemas and adjust data formats.

Manage your Fundraising Teams

Track the interactions your fundraisers have all day every day - know in real time how your teams are doing.

Track Interactions

Track Interactions
Track the interactions your fundraisers have all day every day.

See where they are and where they've been and what happened when they were there.

Gather time and space data to ask questions you'd never have thought it was possible to answer.

It's not just for residential teams either - track footfall at private and street sites and finely tune coaching to specific behaviours.

Hours, Performance, Locations

Hours, Performance, Locations
Set up new teams every morning, or just roll over teams you've already set up.

Manage team's and fundraiser's hours neatly and easily. Results automatically aggregate from the fundraiser to the team leader, their manager and to the whole campaign.

Just give your payroll manager / accountant a log on to view hours worked and numbers of approved pledges.

Automatically deliver training modules to fundraisers

Modules can trigger on quality or performance thresholds, or simply when starting on a new campaign.

Deliver timely training to fundraisers

A Training module in Evergiving is a way to deliver your own content to fundraisers and staff automatically, through the platform. Content might include new starter training; charity knowledge and compliance; or performance training. The best thing about it is that modules are automatically assigned to users based on their role or even their results. You can even set an amount of time to complete a module. After which a fundraiser is unable to access a sign up form.

This allows you to demonstrate compliance to stakeholders, and to know for certain who has done what training.

Modules can include text, imagery, video and multiple choice quizzes to engage users and have the best possible learning outcomes.

Develop your most precious assets, with ease.

Relate to your Donors

We all know that an effective donor retention strategy requires a plan and consistent action.

Regularly keep in touch with your donors and show them loyalty - that you care - beyond just making the ask. With evergiving you can send a thank you sms to the donor seconds after signing them up on the street. Completely tailor your first and all subsequent emails to your donor.

Hours, Performance, Locations

Relate to your donors
Conditionally send beautiful and customisable email, SMS, MMS, and test retention strategies.

Whether your donor is young or old, likes an aspect of your cause; or signs up to a particular product - they should receive completely tailored email.

Whether simple or sophisticated, our team of in house designers build beautiful, responsive and anti-spam filter emails for free - it's all part of the service. Change them as many times as you like.

Credit Card Security


We take the security of the face to face fundraising industry's data very seriously. Evergiving has and continues to make significant investments in the infrastructure, people, tools and processes required to keep this data secure.

Evergiving is Level 1 PCI DSS Certified. Level 1 is very different to standard PCI Compliance, which can be achieved by a retail store. It does not rely on others, nor is it claimed as a result of a service provider that has it, nor does it rest on the 'grade' of an encryption method that is 'also used by a bank'.

Level 1 is a whole of business approach to security, designed, built and owned by us. It is audited annually by independent auditors, on-site and with unrestricted access. Every part of our business and platform is in scope for every single one of the hundreds of organisational and technical controls, policies and procedures required by the DSS; with a pass threshold of 100%.

Level 1 requires annual penetration testing and quarterly external vulnerability scans by externally accredited organisations. Level 1 is the level required of payment gateways, financial institutions, and merchants with more than 6 million transactions per year. Level 1 permits Evergiving to store credit card data. It is also what keeps Personal Data secure.

We are conscious of the fact that face to face fundraising has inherent exposure to all valuable supporter information; and responsibility for trust in the systems and processes that secure this data across the entire industry is on our shoulders.